Location: 287 Robson St
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-650-0365

The Vineyard

Dinners and meals are boring without the companion of wine, and you’ve never actually lived your life without a taste of it. Blue Grouse is vineyard, dining, and venue. It was established in 1982 and is located in the heart of Vancouver. Blue Grouse has an elegant wooden interior giving a warm welcome to the guests for over the years now. Wine tasting and samples are also available. If you have an event and require food please try this local Vancouver BBQ catering company.

It all started when we decided to pursue our passion for agriculture since our landscape is surrounded by lush of green grasses, high mountains, and growing trees, it was a perfect paradise to grow vineyards the winery. At first, we were hesitant to open up the business although our venue was perfect for it.

The evergreen trees surrounding the vineyard serve as a wind protection for the humbly growing crops. The soil is a combination of clay, and gravely soil nurturing the pure and fresh spring water. Because of the nutrients and the setting of the farm, the crops are free from fertilization and other plant chemicals – even with irrigation. All that is needed is … Read More

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Handling Vineyard Pests

Nowadays, growing grape is becoming more common among homeowners who have enough space to grow grapes in their backyards. Grapevines have a long life and can produce steady income for the gardeners. However, there are also pests that could destroy a grape vineyard like any other plants out there. It is imperative to know the types of pest that could be harmful to your grapevines and the rightful actions to take. Here, we will tackle some of the common pests of grapevine and how to handle them.

Foliage Pests

Grape phylloxera is a form of foliar form, and it possesses a root. This occurs in the leaves and the roots of the grapes. The best way to identify these pests it to look for tiny aphid-like insects with a yellow body. The infected plant causes the formation of tiny galls like abnormal growths that form on the leaves. Grape phylloxera’s eggs can survive the winter because it hides under the bark of the grapevine. During spring, the eggs will hatch, and it will start to move onto the new leaves to develop new galls. If the female reaches maturity, it will start to lay eggs within the galls and nymphs … Read More

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The Wine Making Process

Wine making has existed for over thousands of years now. The process has been handed down from generations to generation. The wine production is a natural process that needs tiny intervention from a human. It’s amazing how Mother Nature works and how it provides for everything that human needs to survive – well, wine is a bonus from her. It is all up to humans how to care and nurture for the gift given to us.

There are five simple steps in making and processing grape into wine. The most basic step is harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification, and aging and bottling.


The most basic step in the wine making process. It is a crucial step to ensure a good tasting grape as it entirely depends on the fruit whether or not the wine will be a success. Today, grapes are the only fruit that possesses the necessary acids, esters, and tannins which are needed to make natural and stable wine. Tannin is a key agent and character of the grape to make the wine dry and add the perfect bitterness and astringency to the wine. Fully grown grapes will determine the resulting taste of the wine … Read More

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How to Plant Grape Vines

Planting can be a fun and fulfilling activity only when you know what you are doing. Usually, people who dive into this industry are armored and packed with the knowledge on how to handle things around such as information on what type of soil is perfect for which type of plant, how deep should the seed be placed, what are the necessary steps to prepare the ground, the right amount of water for the plants, the climate needed for the plant. There is still more agro-based knowledge that one needs to acquire before going through the world of agriculture.

Growing crops can be both fun and profitable. We all know that food is a staple need to survive therefore you cannot stop people from buying plants whether you have vegetables, fruits or herbs in your backyard. The demand for this type of commodity will never be seasonal and is demand all through the year round. That is why many are interested in getting into the business, but only a few have the courage, passion, and commitment to continue in the industry. Although it may bring good statistical profit, it may take time before one can have the investment back … Read More

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