Location: 287 Robson St
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-650-0365

About Blue Grouse

The Blue Grouse is a magnificent place loved by many at the center of the wonderful Vancouver. Blue Grouse

is a vineyard, dining, and venue operating since 1993 by the Borges family. Blue Grouse is known for its fresh and naturally flavored wine and their astounding vineyard.

Blue Grouse is a family operated farm of vineyard located in the heart of Vancouver. It has a humble store opened in the city from early in the morning of Mondays to the cold evening Sundays. People can have a warm meal accompanied by a first-class premium wine. Blue Grouse also serves bread and meal partnered from the near store in the city.

Through years of operating, The Blue Grouse focuses on the creation of wine with premium quality that expresses the true varietal character of the grape. The family believes that a good wine comes from the grape that is well taken care of. The Borges family is gifted with the perfect combination of landscape, climate and soil condition allowing them to create the perfect vineyard of grape for an excellent taste of wine.

The Blue Grouse is also open for wine tasting only every weekend from 11 am to 5 pm. The Borges family is generous enough to share what premium quality of wine tastes like. Their 32-acre land accommodates eight selected grape varieties for new mixing unique flavors of wine.