Location: 287 Robson St
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-650-0365

Our Winery

At Blue Grouse, wine is made to perfection from the seeding of grape to the hand picking and harvesting up to the hand-pruning. Every process entails a natural and chemical-free procedure. The pure and healthy character of a real grapefruit is captured through the help of a healthy soil and a refreshing climate of the Vancouver. Some of the wine variety in Blue Grouse are only available at their winery and can be bought directly at their tasting room. The reason is that they only have some variety in a very limited quantity and only those who truly have a huge heart for the grape can have the precious drink of the rare wine.

The Blue Grouse Vineyard produces two main variety of wine – red and whites. Red wine is widely known for its distinctly full-boil red wine. White wine is a unique range from local winegrowers, and Blue Grouse is delighted to have their very type of white wine crafted to perfect taste and blends. Blue Grouse is also after wine and grape variety combining to create a new and unique type of wine. All the glorious flavors are thanks to the amazing quality of their grapes and the climate taking good care of their vineyard.

The Blue Grouse Vineyard was planted way back 1982 with over 2,000 plants representing a mix of both red and white varieties. In 2003, the vineyard was extended with over 1,000 sets of new vines to produce great tasting varieties of grape and wine mixtures.