The Vineyard

Dinners and meals are boring without the companion of wine, and you’ve never actually lived your life without a taste of it. Blue Grouse is vineyard, dining, and venue. It was established in 1982 and is located in the heart of Vancouver. Blue Grouse has an elegant wooden interior giving a warm welcome to the guests for over the years now. Wine tasting and samples are also available. If you have an event and require food please try this local Vancouver BBQ catering company.

It all started when we decided to pursue our passion for agriculture since our landscape is surrounded by lush of green grasses, high mountains, and growing trees, it was a perfect paradise to grow vineyards the winery. At first, we were hesitant to open up the business although our venue was perfect for it.

The evergreen trees surrounding the vineyard serve as a wind protection for the humbly growing crops. The soil is a combination of clay, and gravely soil nurturing the pure and fresh spring water. Because of the nutrients and the setting of the farm, the crops are free from fertilization and other plant chemicals – even with irrigation. All that is needed is a hand working hard, a heart with dedication, and a punch of commitment. Later in the year, Blue Grouse Vineyard became known to the locals and tourists as one of the most premium quality wines in the city.

Blue Grouse gradually opened for others as well. They started accepting deliveries of wine to the neighboring cities. We are now exporting our wine internationally.